Votes for send it on

18 Mar


amy colallela

The mialani

Simply don’t forget
Hey everyone,
I have a few covers of the song send it on. All of them are pretty good. Tell me your opinion, vote on the best cover, then I’ll make a special post to say which cover won. So please vote under, by going to comments, and telling me who you vote for, bye!

Olá a todos,
Eu tenho alguns covers da música send it on. Todos eles são muito bons. Diga-me a sua opinião, vote na melhor, então eu vou fazer um post especial para dizer que ganhou. Então, por favor voto abaixo, indo para comentários, e dizer-me quem você votar, tchau!


One Response to “Votes for send it on”

  1. Maki March 20, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    I vote for Cimorelli! I think their voice is amazing!

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